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Eco-Friendly ¨Green¨ Products
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Very much aware of environmental issues, we have been incorporating a portfolio of ¨green¨ products for sustainable development.

  • INGEO™ PLA-Based Resins

INGEO PLA-based resins produced by NatureWorksR are derived from renewable resources as an alternative to plastic resins made from petroleum. They are Biodegradable, Compostable and emit the least amount of carbon footprint among all plastic resins.

  • Calcium Carbonate Compounds

Calcium Carbonate Compounds produced by Heritage Plastics are used to replace large portions of plastic resins in order to reduce the quantity of disposable plastics which is taken to landfills. Also offered are INGEO PLAbased Biodegradable compounds with Calcium Carbonate.

  • (PLA) Bioplastic Resin Compounds and Post-consumer Resins
Samsung - Cheil Industries offers two categories: compounds of Polycarbonate and ABS with PLA Bioplastic; and, compounds which combine post-consumer resins such as PET with ABS.
  • Plasticizers of Vegetable Origin

Plasticizers of vegetable origin produced by SGS Polímeros for PVC compounds, to replace DOP and DOA. Also offered, Bio-based Resins for printing inks.

  • Water-Based Additives

Additives for inks and water-based paints produced by Elementis Specialties replace solvent-based additives.

  • Zirconium-Based Drying Additives

Casal de Rey & Cía. S.R.L produces zirconium-based drying additives for paint. These replace lead-based driers.

  • Organic Pigments

The organic red, orange and yellow pigments produced by CINIC are used to replace the inorganic pigments which contain heavy metals like cadmium, molybdenum and chrome.

  • Non-halogenous Flame Retardants

Los Emerald™ from the company Great Lakes Solutions, is an array of “green” products with varied chemical processes which include some non-halogenous and others that, being halogenous, are polymerics. This sets them apart from highly polluting products such as the decabromines (DBDPO and DBDPE). This new “green” group of products is now consistent with the more demanding international legislative requirements.

  • Waxes and Emulsions of Natural Origin

Megh, a Brazilian company which makes eco-friendly Ester Wax, is an expert in alternative waxes and emulsions for solvent base systems. This wax, besides being 100% natural in origin, comes from a renewable source, is biodegradable and contributes with sustainable technological processes.