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A Colombian company expert in representing and distributing raw materials to the ink, paint, plastics industries, and construction plastics finished.

The Company was originally founded in order to distribute Polystyrene resins, produced in the Cartagena Plant, for Dow Chemical of Colombia . It has had its headquarters in Medellin since than, with offices in Cota (Cundinamarca) and Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

During the past 31 years, we at Quimicoplasticos have earned the trust of many multinational companies, leaders in their fields, which have allowed us to represent their products in Colombia. They are:

  • 3V Sigma
  • Americas Styrenics
  • Andina Plast
  • Axel Plastics
  • Casal De Rey
  • Cinic
  • Cristal Global
  • Dallas Group
  • DayGlo Color Corp
  • Dow Plastics
  • Dyna-Purge
  • Elementis (Deuchem)
  • Enka de Colombia
  • Fredcolor
  • Fuzhou Kuncai Fine Chemicals.
  • Great Lakes Solutions
  • Hanovia
  • Heritage Plastics
  • Hangzhou Hongyan Pigment Chemical
  • Kärntner Montanindustrie
  • Kepital - Korea Engineering Plastics
  • LG
  • Matsui Internacional Company Inc.
  • Megh
  • Multibase
  • NatureWorks LLC.
  • Noga
  • Reedy International
  • RTP Company
  • Sabic
  • Samsung (Cheil Industries)
  • SGS Polimeros
  • Unigel (Policarbonatos do Brasil S.A. - Resarbras)
  • United Colors
  • Yong Feng

We conncect our customers with our suppliers located in 19 countries around the world: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, United States, England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

These Companies allow us to offer a complete range of products in five areas: Conventional Resins; Engineering Resins; Pigments; Dyes and Bases; Additives and Miscellaneous;and Specialized Products.

Our business team is comprised of 8 professionals , the majority of whom are chemical engineers, and specially trained in raw material applications of the companies we represent. The business team is assisted by an administrative staff, as well as professionals dedicated to Negocios Indent (an international handling service), and persons in charge of domestic shipping.

Our services include: on-site inventory, shipping, product development, consulting and assistance, Negocios Indent (an international handling service), and small business assistance. We guarantee an after-sale technical service to assist our clients from their initial contact with us to the complete satisfaction of their needs.