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Dallas Group
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The Dallas Group of America is the world’s premier producer of adsorbent synthetic magnesium silicate, marketed under the trade name DALSORB®, Magnesol and D-Sol..

The DALSORB® series of products is based on a synthetic, amorphous, hydrous form of magnesium silicate. DALSORB®, an adsorbent oil treatment, is a pure white odorless, tasteless powder that keeps oil fresh by controlling degradation by-products formed during the industrial frying process. It reduces free fatty acids and controls color, off-odors, and flavors. DALSORB® products are acceptable to the USDA and FDA for treatment of used frying oils.

The Magnesol & D-Sol series are used in the purification of chemical (Petroleum or Oleic based) such as removing metals, catalyst, lowering acid numbers, removing waxes and other polar impurities that are dissolved in a non-polar product. The Dallas Group products are used in:

  • Polyol Purification
  • Fats and oil refining
  • Industrial frying oil purification
  • Beer & Sprits Chill-Haze Removal
  • Biodiesel Purification (Water wash and Dry wash)
  • Oleo Chemical Purification
  • Flow and Anticaking Agent
  • Catalyst Carrier
  • Other applications where removal of contaminates are required

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