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With 30 years’ experience in raw materials distribution for the plastics industry, and more than 15 in the ink and paint area, we offer the following services.

On-site inventories. Thanks to the strategic handling of our financial resources, we offer the most complete inventory of resins, pigments, processing aids, and injection, blowmolding, and extrusion additives for the plastics industry. We have a permanent stock of dyes and bases used in the ink and paint industry. (more)

Shipping. We offer a quick shipping service for production plant orders; and, in order to have a better dispatch control, we have our own shipping service in Medellin, Cota (Cundinamarca) and Bogota, as well as a certified shipping service for the rest of the

Assistance. With a chemical engineering team, we help our clients with after-sale assistance in the development of their projects, by suggesting useful products, the latest technological advances, and the best practices for optimizing production. The engineers on this team are constantly being updated by attending international industry fairs, and by the constant gathering of experience from our customer project applications.

International service. We service large companies and multinational corporations by filling their raw material requirements directly through us or with the companies that we represent. Through QP Trading Corp., Quimicoplasticos’ sister company, we handle all
the international purchasing, or what we call Negocios Indent: product nationalization, customs transactions, money orders, and billing. (more)

Small business assistance. At the point of sale in our Medellin facilities, we sell and give technological assistance to small and family businesses. In order to adjust to their needs, we have retail sales in minimum quantities. (more)

Financing for our clients. As an additional tool for improving payment methods, our clients can register for the Alternative Payment Method based on Financial Intermediaries, known as Factoring, with the Coltefinanciera and/or Factoring Bancolombia companies, in order to pay Quimicoplasticos accounts, with numerous benefits. (more)